The Hermann Foundation aims to encourage and participate in the funding of educational and professional training for children and young adults, especially girls and young women, mainly on the African continent.

The Hermann Foundation

The Hermann Foundation was created in 2018 in Switzerland, it was born from the observation that only large projects with high visibility have a chance of being supported.

However, a number of more modest but essential projects are in the shadow of those supported by large structures which have the means to put them forward.

The Hermann Foundation makes it a point of honor to carefully select the projects that require and deserve support in order to continue their proven action. Its aim is to encourage the educational and professional training of children and young adults, in particular girls and young women, and mainly on the African continent.

Born at the end of the 19th century, the little Gray Shepherd Hermann spent his childhood with sporadic schooling. Despite this, he was fortunate enough to do an apprenticeship at Brown Boveri, then open his own small business.

Aware of this, he ensured that his two daughters, born of his union with Elsa, had an excellent education and solid professional training.

It is therefore natural that the founder gave the name of her grandfather Hermann to the foundation, which aims to educate and train young disadvantaged girls and women, enabling them to become economically independent.

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