Yes Project


  • Singida & Dodoma, Tanzania
  • Professional trainings
  • Basic education
  • Young people 16-30 years old

This project is similar to the SKY project in Ethiopia which had to be interrupted due to the deadly conflicts in the region.

This time, in Tanzania, in a region without major turbulence, it is a question of training young people (60% of girls/women) by schooling them and giving them vocational training, with the key being a diploma recognized by the state. . Teachers are paid on the basis of success. The young people trained are encouraged to become entrepreneurs and encouraged to train other young people in turn, according to the same principle of remuneration.

© photos: Franz Thiel – Helvetas

The purpose of this system is to cause a snowball effect which must eventually become self-supporting. A good basis for the development of young people, especially girls/women, which should not only benefit them and their families, but also the whole community and region.

News 2023:

During the 1st half of 2023, most of the activities set out in the project work plan were implemented, and all the targets set for this reference period were achieved.
374 young people (including 155 women) received short-term practical training tailored to the local job market. 125 apprentices (including 66 women) were trained in marketing agricultural products. 76 apprentices (including 67 women) were trained by nine local artisans in hairdressing, bakery, food production and processing, sewing, painting, secretarial work, telephone repair and carpentry.
In addition, an employment audit of 634 graduates (including 388 women) in 2022 and 2023 shows that 408 young people (63% women) are employed.

© photos: Simon B. Opladen – Helvetas


Regina Msaka, painter

Regina Msaka is a painter. She took a short training course in painting at the VTC college in Dodoma.

© photos: Franz Thiel

Esther Kamanija, farmer

Esther Kamanija began her training in 2022. She hopes to have a large, prosperous farm. In her locality, many people practice traditional agriculture, but Esther would prefer to engage in modern farming: “The reality of our lives is deeply rooted in our agricultural heritage, especially with my father’s role as a farmer. This has been a source of inspiration for me, fueling my desire to specialize in vegetable farming. I firmly believe that not only will this path be rewarding, but it will also create opportunities for other young people.”

© photos: Yusuf Msafiri

Latest news:

Finally, in 2023, 50% of the participants were girls/women, compared with the 60% expected at the end of the phase in 2025.) In order to increase this percentage and reach the target, in 2024 the trainers will set up a gender survey to better identify the obstacles to female participation and propose appropriate solutions. They will also be working directly with households to raise awareness of the importance of training.

Other measures have already been implemented for 2023: curricula for occupations that are more attractive to women, putting trainers in touch with each other close to where they live.

The target for 2025 remains 60% participation by young women and girls.

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