Second chance school

2nd chance school – Niger

  • Niamey and Tahoua, Niger
  • Improve access to schooling
  • Children between 6 – 18 years old

children and adolescents benefit from the education project


languages. Training is provided in local language and in French to be in line with realities and needs.

This project is aimed at young people (50% of whom are girls) who have never been to school.

In 4 years, they acquire the knowledge corresponding to the first 5 years of basic education in the public-school system, to allow them to be admitted after having completed E2C or to begin an apprenticeship with a view to their integration in the job market. Education is bilingual (local language and French). Particular attention is paid to the fact that 50% of the pupils are girls. Their parents agree in writing to leave their daughters in school for 4 years, in order to avoid early marriages during school time.

It is this aspect of the project that has particularly attracted the attention of the Hermann Foundation: training as an instrument to combat early marriage and thus avoid the precarious and socio-economic marginalization of young girls, often mothers too soon.

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