• South Mozambique
  • Improving access to schooling
  • Scholarships for vocational training
  • Advocacy for gender equality
  • Underage mothers between the ages of 15 and 25

Young people in 2021 benefit from the work of Solidar Suisse in Mozambique

As in most African countries, girls’ education is hampered by poverty, teenage pregnancy and early marriage. In poor rural families, family investment is primarily in boys. On the other hand, schools are often far away and most parents are reluctant to let girls go to school (safety).

To remedy this situation, which is so unfavorable to girls, the Chimoio office of Solidar Suisse has the following strategy

  • Improve access to basic education schools by reducing distances and supporting travel costs
  • Provide scholarships to girls for vocational training and general education. The most favorable sectors are agriculture (local opportunities), health and education, and tourism.
  • Advocacy for gender equality with parents and authorities.
    However, given the extreme poverty of families in this region, access to higher education would involve travel to the main towns at a cost that is inaccessible to most.

This is why Solidar Suisse’s program focuses on access to locally provided training for a greater number of girls, particularly in the agricultural field where they play a fundamental role in the local economy, the land being the only wealth, by participating in an increase in family income and by marketing the production.

This does not prevent more and more girls from training in vocational schools, especially in technical fields. Their enthusiasm and determination is a driving force and a model for all young girls and women, with the aim of finding work and especially of creating their own micro-businesses. In this regard, it should be noted that girls are much more successful (low failure rate) in creating and then managing a microenterprise, in all fields.

This is why the Hermann Foundation is so interested in this program.

Some testimonials from program beneficiaries:

Latest news:

In 2023, our efforts to increase the proportion of young women and men are bearing fruit. We are getting closer and closer to parity, whether in terms of admission to long-term technical and vocational training (46%), recipients of scholarships (46%), graduates in long-term training (33%), or having found a job after training (34%). It’s even more difficult for young women and men to turn their training into a job, but attitudes are changing for the better.

These programs deserve to be supported.

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