Miara Project


  • Fianarantsoa, Madagascar
  • Sewing training/workshops
  • Construction of a 70m2 house
  • Young women from underprivileged backgrounds

The island of Madagascar is sinking more and more into extreme poverty. This mainly affects women, who are poorly equipped to cope, and their children.

The Miara association was founded by a team of particularly motivated volunteers, led by an enterprising president who devotes a lot of time on site. It aims to help these women by offering them vocational training, sewing to begin with because it has good potential outlets.

For this, a workshop is under construction (the work is progressing well) and the selection of young women candidates has begun. At first, 6 of them will be chosen, plus 6 others for a lighter formation.

This dynamic and above all very concrete program in relation to the immediate needs deserves to be supported.

Summer 2023: construction of the workshop is now complete.

Already 13 young apprentice seamstresses are being trained here. Starting with the basics, this autumn they will be learning how to make alterations and dressmaking.

In addition, 10 underprivileged children are benefiting from an educational program. Intensive French classes will also be held 3 times a week. In addition, the schooling of a dozen underprivileged children has been taken care of.

A highly motivated teacher has been recruited for this ambitious program.

Last news: The Miara projects of 2023 have had exemplary results.

The first batch of seamstresses completed their training and graduated. The next step is to enable them to put this training into practice by offering them a room equipped with sewing machines where they can work. This will be achieved in collaboration with Coudre Sans Frontière, an organization that collects, repairs and supplies the sewing machines (and the premises).

In addition, the French courses have been assiduously attended (some participants had to walk 7 h00 each way to attend!) and two of them have already found jobs in the hotel business. Given their impact, these courses will also be repeated with new classes.

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